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ABACUS4 Display designer

ABACUS4's display system has a new display design program. This allows a more interactive way to produce and edit dynamic displays for the ABACUS4 process control system. The screen dumps on this page show the production of a simple display from scratch...

We start by starting the Display Manager

Under the DISPLAY menu we start the MIMIC DESIGNER

This clears the screen and creates a new menu heading - DESIGN

Here we have all the various design facilities.

We start by getting the static background picture.

We can either select an existing one or run xpaint to create a new picture

The selected background is now displayed without any dynamic points of course.

Now lets insert a dynamic text item...

Every dynamic item must have a unique name...

The new item still doesn't have any dynamic value yet...

but with the middle mouse button we are able position it.

Pressing the right mouse button on the new item we open two editing windows where just the tcl code for this point is available for editing.

The first window shows the static definition of the button (yes we use a tcl/tk button for dynamic text items). Here we can change the colours, font and many other parameters.

Towards the bottom of this window are some suggestions for the dynamic procedure calls we can choose. We can copy from here and paste into the other window...

..which shows the update0 procedure. We also edit the block number to the one we are interested in here.

Save and close both windows, and now we have our dynamic point!

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