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ABACUS4 Process I/O systems

The plant connection to ABACUS 4 may be achieved using a variety of hardware including the rack mounted PI-Bus system from Bristol Babcock, the
    • ABACUS can serve as a Modbus master via standard serial ports (with suitable external conversion to RS485). This allows connection to a vast range of industrial equipment.
  • ADAM 4000 series / ICP DAS 7000
    • The ICP 7000 series and ADAM 4000 series both use the same RS485 based protocol. This means that ABACUS4 is able to act as a master to either.
    • These economic and versertile modules may be distributed as far as the RS485 network will reach.
    • Remote I/O Module (ADAM-4000) In order to provide the best Remote DA&C system solution to fully fit the request from industrial users, ADAM-4000 series has been improved with two design concepts: Industrial standard and Intelligent functions.
    • I-7000 provide cost-effective protection and conditioning for a wide range of valuable industrial control signals and system. This product line includes sensor-to-computer, computer-to-sensor, digital I/O, timer/ counter, RS-232-to-RS-485 converter and RS-485 repeater The command set of I-7000 modules is backward compatible to ADAM, Nudam, and 6B of Analog Device.
  • BSAP based process controllers (BBL 3330, ControlWave etc.)
    • A wide variety of BSAP based controllers has been produced over the last 20 years or more. They communicate with each other via an RS485 serial network with speeds up to 1Mb. (Intel hardware cannot reach this speed yet however)
  • DAS08, DAS16 EISA bus cards
    • Primarily designed for lab use, these cards are available in a wide variety of configurations, from several different manufacturers
    • These cards are mounted internally, and give the fastest response, but require external isolation, and conversion for 4-20 mA etc.
  • Rack mounted PI-Bus system from Bristol Babcock
    • This extremely robust process I/O system was designed for the nuclear power industry where quality and long life were prerequisites.
  • INDATA's uPLC range
    • This range of PLC hardware offers an attractive price performance ratio, together with comprehensive PLC functionality.
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