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ABACUS4 Operator Interface

The ABACUS 4 operator interface is X windows based, allowing comprehensive displays distributed over the TCP/IP network. Local Ethernet, local and modem serial links and even The Internet.
  • X windows, full graphics displays viewable on any X terminal on the network (subject to security controls)
    • The X Window System is a multiplatform graphics display system widely used on Unix and other operating systems. X is built on a client server basis. Thus it is possible to run a program on one computer using the display of another anywhere on the network.
  • Full graphics mimics with a wide variety of display facilities
    • Displays may be written in TCL/Tk. Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a scripting language, Tk is a graphical user interface.
    • Tcl/Tk is available under Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS, and so it is even possible to run ABACUS 4 displays on Windows or Mac machines.
  • Real Time Trends
  • Journal display
  • Alarm summery
  • Alarm system - WAP & web based display of alarm satus for remote access. SMS messages sent out on selected alarms.
  • Report display

Screen dumps

The following is taken from a pumping station control system demonstration.

Pumping Station Mimic

This display and the others in this demonstration are constructed using the Tcl/Tk languages. These have the advantage that they are freely available for Windows95, UNIX, Macintosh, Windows3.1 (etc.) and WindowsNT

Trend Display

Trends are stored in local binary files, and displayed (with continuous update) with the trend display.

Process Mimic Display

Dynamic numerical values updated continuously, level in 'Distillate Storage' is also dynamic.

Alarm Status Display

This displays the currently unacknowledged alarms. Active, unacknowledged alarms flash red, and have U in the first column (useful if viewed on a monochrome screen, or printout)

Journal Display

This display allow the operator to see the last 200 (configurable) events in the journal file. The display may be scrolled up to examine earlier lines.

The  Unix/ABACUS version of the Software Reference Manual is available in HTML format.

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