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ABACUS4 Networking

Since ABACUS 4 runs on the Linux operating system it is fully TCP/IP compatible.
  • TCP/IP Ethernet
    • The world standard for data communication (used in The Internet) affords quick and reliable communications between any number of computers in one or more networks.
  • SLIP, CSLIP, PPP serial speeds up to 115KBaud
    • For remotely sited installations where dial-up telephone, or radio communications is required any of these protocols may be used between locations.
  • The Internet.
    • Since the communicating protocol is TCP/IP ABACUS 4 systems may be directly connect to The Internet and engineering (even operator) functions may be performed from anywhere in the world! (Subject of course to the normal UNIX security regimes)
  • Remote Displays
    • The display system is based on a client/server model, so the display may be seen on any suitabley configured network connected operator station. License free client software (based on TCL/Tk ) for Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac is available.
  • Remote Engineering
    • With the use of VNC ( both displays and engineering facilities may be run remotely.
    • Using SSH, secure password restricted encrypted communications allows authorized users secure encrypted access to the system from anywhere on the network (and even on the internet).
  • Communicates with BBL Open Enterprise (and VAX based Enterprise systems)
    • Using either Ethernet or one of the serial protocols, ABACUS 4 can send to and receive data from an Open Enterprise Server.
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