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Bootable ABACUS4 CD available!

To make it easier I've built a bootable CD with a working demo of ABACUS4 running under Slackware 7.1. All you have to do is to burn the CD from the image and boot from it!

If you want a copy please get in touch with me at
If you are prepared to download 148M or more, compressed CD images are available at 148M 166M 166M
Just download, unpack, and burn onto a CD. Then you should be able to boot from that CD and you have a working ABACUS4 system!

Current demo version abacus-4.010529.tgz

  • dynamically built (i.e. smaller)
  • includes new BLT based trend display
  • psql_calc (stores average values of dynamic values into PostgreSQL based database tables for report generation)
  • Page updated by Frank McNamara abacus_pb.gif .
    A member of the MCH-Systems Group